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4 Tips To Be A Productive Homemaker

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

Household management is no easy task. Any homemaker knows the work in the home is never truly done . There will always be another task needing your attention or shiny project you "could" start.

One challenging aspect of being a full-time homemaker is staying productive. At the end of the day, it can feel like we have accomplished nothing, even when the day felt extremely busy. It can be easy to struggle with staying productive when there are SO many tasks that need your attention daily.

Lacking a sense of accomplishment from completing those tasks can start to become discouraging . The most important lesson I have learned since transitioning to a stay at home mom is to STAY PRODUCTIVE . Like actually productive, not just a hamster running on a wheel phenomenon.

Implementing small changes can have a BIG impact on your productivity levels. Here are some useful tips if you are struggling with productivity while being at home :

1. Have a Plan

It's easy to let the day pass by without any feeling of purpose if there is no set plan to follow. I started to clue into this when I reflected on my years as an aquatic supervisor. I ALWAYS had a plan for the kept things running smoothly and my own sanity in check.

I now apply the same strategy for my days at home ...I write a structured To Do List daily! My list includes all the essentials: time sensitive activities, people to call, email or text, cooking, errands, cleaning , family and work related things.

Check out this To Do List template if you are searching for a unique categorized To Do List! Fully editable in Canva!

2. Have Routines and Systems that work for YOUR home

This one is huge. Creating routines and systems will allow you to work smarter ...not harder. Having a solid routine you follow daily helps to keep any chores from being neglected so nothing falls behind. Think about implementing an opening and closing checklist for your home and a solid daily chore routine . Even small changes can have a big impact, like washing dishes throughout the day, rather than letting things pile up to deal with later.

The second aspect to this , is creating systems that make routines easier. Things like having a cleaning caddy full of supplies in each bathroom, so when you notice the counter needs to be wiped you don't have to go searching spray. Having a "go upstairs bin" on your main level , so each time you find something that belongs upstairs it can be added to the bin and put away the next time you head upstairs. All of these little things allow your brain to be on auto pilot while completing daily tasks, so it can focus on bigger projects . The trick here is to implement routines and systems that work for YOUR home....not Pinterest perfect ideas that look good for a photo, but aren't actually practical for your family.

3. Treat your home like a workplace

This one might be a bit controversial , but treating homemaking like a job and the as a workplace will skyrocket productivity. I slowly started to clue into this about two years after I had my first daughter . I found myself frustrated with the lack of accomplishment I felt each day. At some point I realized that taking care of my daughter and household responsibilities was essentially job. People pay for childcare and home cleaners do they not ?

I appointed myself to the role of household manager and started viewing my tasks as workplace operations. This may sound a bit cold to some, but it really helped me recognize the value in the work I was doing . It also motivated me to to more each day and hold myself to a higher standard.

4.Have a Cleaning Schedule

When you are home everyday it's easy to inadvertently sweet tasks under the rug (pun intended). There are so many cleaning tasks that need to happen to keep a home running smoothly , it can be hard to mentally remember what needs to be done and when.

As someone who struggles with ADHD tendencies, having a set cleaning schedule has been incredibly valuable for me. It insures each area of the home gets a detailed clean once a week and that monthly/annual tasks don't get missed. The added bonus is a sense of accomplishment when checking tasks pff the list. I use this cleaning schedule template to keep myself organized. It is fully editable in Canva which is perfect for customizing to fit your cleaning routine.

5. Know When It's Time To Rest

This might sound counterproductive, but sometimes resting is the most productive thing you can do. This is especially true if you are in a life stage with young children at home. If you are up each night with a baby and chasing after a toddler all day, you will need downtime . There is a time to push through tasks and a time to recognize that the most productive thing to do is rest. Recharging your battery will allow you to be more productive long term . Finding a pace that is sustainable for you is essential to staying productive as a homemaker.

To sum it all up...

Staying productive in your home will give you a sense of accomplishment each day. It will help you to feel valued in your role as a homemaker and will keep your home running efficiently. If you are feeling a bit stuck , try implementing some of the stargazes above!


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