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Why Going Plant Based Changed My Life!

Yep Thats me.... running through a fountain at a park in my Underwear! What does this have to do with following a plant based diet you might ask? Well the answer is a bit complicated but to sum it up, following a plant based my diet has given me complete confidence in my body.

I should start by saying, that I had horrible eating habits and body image issues as a teen. I would starve myself to stay thin. What I didn't realize was by restricting calories I was also restricting my nutrition. I was caught in the diet cycle you always hear women talk about, of restricting and then falling off the diet.

That all changed, when I was shown a documentary at school covering the topic of factory farming. I was horrified with how the animals were treated and went vegan overnight. Little did I know, my choice to adopt a vegan diet to save animals, would save me as well.

At first it was hard knowing what to eat or how much. I still tired to restrict how much I ate because I knew no other way. Like so many girls, from young age I watched women around me complain about their weight and go on crash diets. I just assumed this was normal and calorie restriction was the only way to stay thin.

I look back on this photo and cringe, I was still in the restrictive mindset here
One of my lunches when I first went Vegan... Far too small to fuel a busy body.

It wasn't until I stumble onto a Youtube video of a super fit blonde girl eating insanely large meals that my perspective changed. I was stunned with her idea that plant based diets allowed you to eat with no restrictions. The concept was to eat only whole plant foods and keep your fat and protein intake lower and focus on lots of carbs. I jumped on board right away and let me tell you ... it was a breath of fresh air.

This was what my portions looked like after realizing I could eat in abundance!

As I started eating bigger portions my energy came back, I started to think clearly and my worries around food melted away. For the first time in my life I was fuelling my body properly. I didn't feel restricted and my overall health improved too! I never struggled with weight gain or loss again .

I have maintained a healthy body weight for seven years on this lifestyle and never have to restrict calories... ever! The images below are in order from 2017-2020! No bathing suit weather yet this year haha but coming soon! The point is I have maintained a healthy body consistently on this lifestyle ...even after having a baby!

My overall health has also been amazing and I have zero issues. Following a plant based diet has given me the freedom to have confidence in my body and respect it's need for proper nutrition. The more I learned about proper plant based diets the more I realized they are ideal for human health.

I made this pizza at home and ate the entire thing without a care in the world :)

We are not made to have health issues.. we acquire them through poor diets and lifestyles . Watch "Forks Over Knives" and you will understand what I mean. We shouldn't need medical attention , aside from freak accidents .

The freedom knowing my health is taken care of , has changed my mindset in life as well. I think more freely and have a better connection with nature . I follow my intuition closely and am not afraid to colour outside the lines.

Many people have questioned my diet over the years and I found myself having the courage to educate them and stand up for my beliefs. I never did this before going vegan.

This mindset carried through to other aspects of my life as well. Most specifically when I became pregnant! I found the confidence in my health, reassuring throughout pregnancy, child birth and recovery. I knew deep down that I would be complication free and able to grow a healthy baby. I was right :)

Happy and Healthy!

That brings me to today! I am so grateful for everything following a plant based diet has done for me. It has given me body confidence, health and my lovely daughter. I haven't felt any fear during the current pandemic we are living through. I know my immune system is strong and has the ability to take care of me if need be.

I share this story, not to brag but to help inspire others that confidence in your health is possible! There is no magic pill or stupid fad diet needed. Plant foods give you long term results and abundance in life.

If you have ever considered trying out a plant based diet, please reach out to me :) I would love to hear your story and help in anyway I can! No charge .... no catch I am just tired of watching others struggle with their weight and health. Please feel free to email me with any questions ! I would love to connect :)

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