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Being A Mom Is Enough

I hope this post will help inspire you to accept yourself for who you are and embrace it. This picture I took of August made me realize that being a Mom is the only thing to ever come easily for me.

I was never good in school . I was shy , quiet and a VERY SLOW leaner. It never came natural to me and I hated every minute of it. I never had a desire to go to college or university. I hated school so much that the idea of further schooling, was suffocating. I started working and found ways to make extra income . Work felt suffocating too but I loved side hustling .

I liked thinking on my toes and working at my own pace . It didn’t come natural to me either but I could slowly learn, without feeling suffocated. .

As I stared at August today I came to a realization .... being a mom is the only thing that has ever come natural for me 💕

I always wanted to be a mom but I never really thought it would be “enough”. I felt pressure to have a career and having a baby, was just something you “do” in life.

Teachers in school made me feel like a failure because I couldn’t spell or solve a math problem. The whole world made me feel like that to be honest. I had so much emotional intelligence and empathy but nobody cared about that. I knew I would be a awesome parent one day but felt like that wasn’t “enough”

Now I realize that being a mom is enough♥️ It’s enough for right now🙂 I have so many other goals but right now crushing motherhood is the priority.

I never had any fear of pregnancy, birth or parenting . Something deep down told me that raising a tiny human would be something I could easily do 🥰 Only since having August, have I been able to embrace a new level of vulnerability. I am learning that although I suck at spelling... I can birth a baby like a champ and nurture her. I can't focus on one one task at a time (I had a teacher tell me I was lazy) but I thrive with handling multiple tasks at one time.

Each day I am learning to peel back another layer of vulnerability and embrace the skills I do have. I no longer dwell on the fact that I can't colour inside the lines, I am ecstatic to draw my own lines. I don't feel annoyed that I am a slow learner, I appreciate my attention to be detail and the feelings of those around me. I don't feel small for not having a career, I feel empowered by my ability, to stretch my money and earn an income through creative outlets. I feel grateful to have grown a beautiful baby who I get to spend 24 hours a day with.

I should also mention that I admire those who do learn fast and are able to follow a more predicable pattern in life. I think excelling in school and landing a great job is awesome

too! I admire those moms who hold down an amazing career and choose to send their kids to daycare because working makes them happy. That's amazing, you are teaching your kids work ethic.

The point is, we all have such different strengths and skillsets. Just because we are “slow” in one aspect of life doesn’t mean we won’t excel in another 💕

Double down on your strengths and embrace your weaknesses. Most importantly.... remember that whatever you are good at , is enough💕

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