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Tips To Better Utilizing Nap Time

The moment you have been waiting for....your sweet little one is finally down for their nap (hopefully) . You feel a sense of relief that comes with knowing you can shut your brain off from child care related tasks, for an hour or two (unless you have multiple kids of course) .

The real question is now what? Where do I start with the To Do List? When there is no clear plan it's easy to fall into the doom scrolling trap and realize you just wasted your precious time without actually accomplishing anything.

Utilizing the time your child sleeps effectively, is such a valuable tool as a new or seasoned mom. It can allow you to complete household tasks that are difficult to dow hen your little one is awake. It's a great time to practice self care , exercise , meal prep or work on that passion project you have. The possibilities are endless and sometimes that's the problem!

If you struggle with productivity during nap time... here are some helpful tips to make the most of that precious child free time

1. Make a Plan BEFORE Nap Time- This is by far the most important. Do not show up to nap time without a plan. It will resualt in decreased producitivty as you try to figure out what to do.

Clear some mental space in your mind beofre nap time and start thinking about what it is you would like to do. Write everything down (if possible) in a format that makes sense to you . Consider using a formula where you choose some household related tasks, meal prepping , work related tasks and some form of self care. Try to incorporate a bit of everything into your nap times to maintain healthy balance. Unless you have a big picture in mind and know it makes more sense for you to knock out cleaning tasks now, so you can practice self care later when your little one(s) go to bed.

I use this To Do list template to structure everything I need to accomplish in the day. When I arrive at nap time I already know what needs to be done. Then it's just a matter of checking things off my list! You can download this fully editable Canva To Do List Template Here!

I find blocking out the tasks I need to accomplish makes them easier to prioritize throughout the day.

2. Treat Nap Time As Break Time Only If You NEED To - The saying sleep when the baby sleeps is a load of crap. Every seasoned mom knows nap time is the small window during the day where you can actually accomplish tasks in a linear order.

That being said, if you recognize that your body needs to rest DO THAT. Taking the time to rest will result in better productivity dow the road. If you feel generally well rested and all your needs have been met, push yourself to be productive during nap time.

3. Task Triage- Try to complete the tasks that are absolutely essential first. Take a minute to think of what tasks you would be problematic if they weren't completed and tackle those first. Learning to prioritize tasks will prevent you from pouring water on a candle, while there is a raging forest fire outside.

4. Set a Timer- This will help keep you moving and prevent you from getting stuck on one task for too long. You will be surprised at how much you can accomplish in a 15 minute time block.

5. Remind Yourself Why You Want To Be More Productive- This is a big one. If you are trying to use nap time to be more productive, remind yourself why. Are you trying to grow an online business? Are you trying to keep a tidier home? Are you working towards mastering some new recipes? Maybe you are following a new exercise routine! Whatever your motivation is...remind yourself of it while buzzing around the house during nap time

6. Don't Forget The Self Care Aspect- Make sure that during each nap time you have time to do something for yourself. Even if it's something small like drinking a coffee that's actually HOT. Exercising is another way to practice practical self care. You don't have to sit in a bathtub for hours and paint your nails to practice self care. I will look different for everyone!

Self care to me is working on my Etsy shop and writing blog posts. I enjoy working and feel a sense of accomplishment when I am

If you need a little guidance for self care, check out my printable self care planner!

Nap Time Is Your Time!

Every mom knows that nap time is the one portion of the day that is your own. Having little ones at home is such a beautiful season of life , but also very mentally and physically demanding.

As moms, we need those precious nap time hours to feel like our own person again.

Once you master productivity during nap time, you will be blown away by how much you can actually accomplish! Those hours when your sweet baby sleeps are sacred. Use them wisely!

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