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Managing Mom Brain

This is a phenomenon I never knew existed until I had kids 🧠🏡👶🏼👧🏻🧺🪣🧸🍽️ Once you become responsible for another life ….your mind never stops. Most times there is no rhyme or reason to the thoughts rushing through your head either . It bounces around from thinking of your child’s needs, to all the tasks you know need to be completed. I really struggled (let’s be honest …still struggle at times) with organization after becoming a mom . I am not talking Pinterest closet organized …I mean my thoughts can never form a straight line organized . This is such a common complaint amongst moms . The mental load of remembering everything for everyone . Feeling guilt when your mind slips and forget to do something that should have been obvious. Constant worry about how your children are doing . It can be really hard to organize your thoughts and prioritize tasks . Learning how to use your new “Mom brain” is definitely a process. Taking time to dump your thoughts onto paper each day can be extremely helpful .

If you want to start implementing this practice …Check out my Daily To-Do List template made for managing mom brain🧠 Link to shop in bio! It’s a great way to start organizing the chaos inside your mind 🤍 Most importantly be patient with yourself and remind others to do the same ….your new brain didn’t come with an owners manual or paid training😅🧠🤍 #momlife #mombrain #mentalload #motherhoodunplugged#adhdmom #adhdmomlife #momplanner #todolist#mentalloadofmotherhood #homemanagement#todolistplanner

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