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Mindset Shifts In Motherhood

The view last night when I went to bed🤍

If I am being honest this past year has been HARD . The stages the girls are at, are intense and there were so many outside stressors as well.

Finally, I feel like we are coming out of survival mode . Slowly I am focusing on goal setting to go from surviving to thriving .

Mindset shifts are something I am really trying to focus on right now . Replacing complaining with gratitude. It isn’t easy but I am trying hard .

Little moments like this remind me of how quickly time passes. Although I might be exhausted and waking up every 2-3 hours to nurse with a 1 year old ….I know that this season will be gone and I will want it back .

Life in the early years with littles is HARD and exhausting but isn’t here to stay . I want to stop wishing it away .

If you can relate to this try taking a step back to think about what ;life will look like when your children are grown. This has helped me to appreciate the current stage they are at just a little bit more. Even on the hard days.

Now excuse me while I stare at this little hand just a little bit longer💜

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