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3 Tips To Manage The Physical Demands of Motherhood

Raising young children is incredibly demanding of our bodies 🤍🌸

We grow them for nine months, birth them, nourish them and care for them for a lifetime. It’s truly a marathon 🏃🏼‍♀️

Here are my top 3 tips for keeping up with the physical demands :

🌸Eat right. The proper fuel in your body gives you the energy to keep up with everything . Whole foods plant based and NO calorie restriction. Eat intuitively🤍

🌸Move Daily - Actively working your muscles and heart daily lead to overall good health . Better mood and generally more energy . Think 30 min of high intensity workouts and yoga/stretching/walking on days when you don’t feel up to a workout.

🌸Sleep/Rest when you can - This might feel impossible, but even short naps or rest periods can really help . Go to bed the minute your kids do if possible .

These are just three habits that have helped me keep up with the demands of motherhood 💜 Chasing a toddler all day and feeding a newborn all night is exhausting . Prioritizing my overall well-being has been a game changer 🤍

If you are looking for a way to prioritize your self care, check out this printable self care planner!

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