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Daily "Must Do" Cleaning Tasks

Having a cleaning checklist of essential tasks you complete daily, will help keep the house feeling tidy.

This list of essential cleaning tasks will keep all the high traffic areas of your home in check . This makes any deep cleaning tasks you have to complete much easier . When the basic cleaning essentials are always up to speed, nothing ever truly gets dirty.

This is the list of tasks I aim to complete daily to keep the house from ever getting out of hand . Obviously life happens and some days things get missed, but on a whole, I try to stick to this list as much as possible!

The Daily Nonnegotiable Cleaning Schedule Checklist

  1. The Kitchen - This one is super important to keeping the house running effectively. Everyday no matter how tired I feel , I make sure that the dishes are washed, put away and that the counters are wiped and free of clutter.

These simple tasks have to be done, so that the kitchen is usable for each meal. My kids are still in the stage of needing a bath many meals, so having an empty sink is ESSENTIAL. Not to mention nobody wants to go searching for a fork in a sinful of dirty dishes.

2. The Playroom- Our playroom is open to the rest of the home and the FIRST thing you see as you walk down the stairs. I make it a priority to reset it every night so my first sight in the morning isn't a chaotic space.

Putting the toys away also gives the kids a clean slate to start their adventures and learning with in the morning. Purposely keeping a minimal amount of toys helps make the task of picking up the playroom each night easier.

3. The Floors- The floors in any home take the brunt of the mess. They are walked on , spilled on BUT also played on by children. Keeping them clean is essential to cutting down on dust and dirt in the rest of the home.

I aim to vacuum and mop our main floor daily, however it doesn't always happen. Even just spot vacuuming can have a huge impact when it comes time to do a full clean. I find by doing them daily or even ether other day , the dirt never has a chance to build up.

4. Laundry- Doing a load of laundry daily takes the overwhelm feeling out of the task. With this season in life of having young kids, it's VERY easy to make up a load of laundry each day.

I alternate between clothes and kitchen towels . We went paperless in the kitchen and as a result have, a never ending supply of dirty kitchen towels and rags. If your past the stage of 100 spills a day with littles, you might be able to do laundry every other day.

5. Wipe Down The Bathroom- This one is bonus but if I am able to quickly wipe down the two main bathrooms we use daily, I will. A quick wipe down of the counters, mirror , sink and toilet keeps things tidy until the next deep clean.

I like to keep a little basket full with a spray bottle, baking soda, vinegar, cleaning clothes and a scrubber in each bathroom. This makes daily cleaning SO much easier as everything I need is already there .

How do I start implementing a daily cleaning routine? The best advice I have is to make a list! Having all of your cleaning tasks written down on one organized sheet will help keep you accountable and organized . Decide what tasks are essential to keeping your home functional and start aiming to complete them daily.

I use this cleaning schedule template to stay on top of all my cleaning tasks. It has space for daily, weekly , monthly and quarterly cleaning tasks. There's even a daily laundry checklist!

This cleaning schedule is a fully editable Canva Template , meaning it can be customized to fit your needs!

This seems like a lot of work

I know this seems like a lot to do in one day, but it is actually pretty easy to get done with proper time management. I aim to clean as we go through our day, or as I notice things needing attention . I will clear the sink from dishes after each meal and wipe the counters. If I notice that my toddler has tried to take a full on bubble bath in the bathroom sink from trying to wash her hands, I will take that time to clean the bathroom.

Creating systems and routines for cleaning can also be incredibly useful . I have a formula down for getting my kitchen cleaned efficiently and picking up the house at the end of the day. I also find these tasks have a snowball effect, when one gets completed it feels motivating to keep going.

Despite what some may think this cleaning checklist doesn't take me hours after the kids are in bed. The only two tasks I save for when the kids are in bed are the floors and picking up the toys. Those are the only tasks I find necessary to do after bedtime and they probably only take me about 30 minutes. I simply put on a podcast and knock them out!

Why do all of this?

I choose to follow such a strict cleaning schedule because I enjoy having a clean home. This isn't an easy task in the season of life with little ones , but it is possible with some organization and motivation!

This is just the routine that works for MY home and My family. Your list of essential daily tasks might look different. if your family are at work and school all day, you probably don't need to do your floors everyday!

The point of having a daily cleaning checklist is to take the overwhelm out of cleaning and keep your home at a reasonably clean level all the time. If something on the list gets missed, just prioritize doing it the next day. That's the beauty of staying on top of cleaning tasks....if something gets missed once or twice it isn't a big deal. It isn't about being perfect..just better than the day before :)

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