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4 Tips for Managing Overstimulation In Motherhood

The T.V goes up an extra decibel and you are ready to snap😡

Overstimulation is no joke ! It can happen so easily in motherhood . The consent physical contact, the mess and of course the noise!

Here are a few tips to help get you through the day without snapping:

  • Turn off the tv or any added background noise ….it’s just adding to the chaos

  • Tidy up the house throughout the day . This might seem daunting , but having a somewhat organized space can have a big impact. If you aren't staring at a massive dumpster fire in your house chances are you will feel a bit calmer

  • Make the alone time you get as quiet as possible. Think laying in a dark room or reading a book. Try to avoid screens if possible .

  • Communicated your feelings . Chances are the noise of the tv probably isn’t bothering your partner but might be enough to push you over the edge

Although these might seem obvious, it can be hard to keep your thoughts straight when there is a three ring circus going on around you

Take a deep breath and remember you aren’t crazy for feeling the way that you do . Being around young children comes with a lot of stimulation

What is your overstimulation trigger?

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