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A Different View On The Pro Life VS. Pro Choice Debate

This is the question we really need to be asking . Why has society reached a place where the biological process of reproducing has become so problematic for women ? This isn’t a pro life , pro choice debate ….. I would never judge another women for any choice she makes . Every situation is so different and there are so many factors concerning this matter. The point I am getting at here, is how challenging society has made it for women to become mothers . Things like: 🩺Affordable healthcare 💕Support systems 🏡Affordable housing 🎨Child care 🤰Maternity leave 💵Flexible employment 📚Flexible education 🥗Affordable nutrition 🧸Affordable baby supplies 🌸Removing stigmas around motherhood 🤍Placing value on raising children Are all massive conversations we need to start having . Women shouldn’t be forced to make a difficult choice based off of finances and social expectations. I fully grasp that there are situations where a women might choose abortion for other reasons ….this post isn’t about that . It’s about the women who feel they have to choose abortion, based off of how difficult it is to grow, birth and raise a child in our society 💔 There also seems to be an element of fear in play as well . I can’t help but feel like there is this stigma that having an unplanned child will ruin your life . That needs to change . Planned or unplanned we should be celebrating the idea of a new life and supporting women in every way possible . There needs to be more value placed on growing, birthing and raising children . After all they are our future 🤍 I realize that this is such a complex issue and that our society isn’t the most habitable to mothers and their children . I can understand the role that abortion plays, but can’t help feeling like we should be doing more than circling around the “pro life” vs “pro choice” debate . Arguing over it doesn’t solve the issues at hand 🤷🏼‍♀️ We need to take back the sacredness of motherhood, while also providing support for those who choose a different path 🤍

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