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Becoming A Mom Instantly Makes You A Professional Planner?

I didn't realize growing and birthing a human gave me an instant position as a professional planner?! Anybody else ....or just me?

Something I never considered before becoming a mom was how much planning goes into keeping a household running and keeping young children alive. Really's insane.

It seems strange to me that none of these topics are brought up prior to becoming a mom. Nobody warns you or gives you skills to manage a household. A little heads up would be nice.

Personally, I find managing the household much harder than parenting. I do not enjoy this aspect of motherhood, nor am I remotely good at it. I re-wash laundry multiple times, never have a dry cloth in the kitchen and forget things on the shopping list all the time. Let's just say I would be asked: "to be successful elsewhere" if I was on payroll. Slowly, I am learning to create systems that work to keep our family organized BUT it would have been much easier, had someone warned me about this before becoming a mom.

This phenomenon is something we need to's 2022. We tell our girls in school that men and women are equal yet women are still the only ones who can physically birth children. By default we still take on a bigger portion of the household labour than our male counterparts. Yet nobody prepares us to navigate that until we are already drowning in motherhood.

It's time we start educating our girls AND boys in school about the responsibilities running a household. It's time to break the generations of burnt out moms.

Our ability to bring life into the world should not automatically deem us masters of household management.

There isn't anything wrong if you enjoy the role and thrive in it , but it shouldn't be expected. Especially with so many moms holding down employment outside of the home in addition to traditional motherhood roles. There just needs to be a better balance.

This is a topic that deserves a lot more discussion. If you know a mom about to have her first baby....give her a heads up on this one and share something you have learned. A little wisdom passed on will go a long way!

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