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Bedtime Rage

I have never felt a more rage evoking situation than a toddler fighting bedtime.

Why is it that our sweet little angles, can trigger so much rage in us at bedtime? Well I have a few theories.

Firstly, we know the end of the day is in sight. If we spent all day with the kids, chances are we feel very ready to have a break. A sit in a dark room with the lights off, in silence kind of break. Keeping tiny humans alive is exhausting and many moms only get breaks when their children sleep. It's natural that we get a bit annoyed when that break is pushed back by an hour or two.

Secondly, we are overstimulated by this point in the day and feel totally touched out. Trying to wrestle a squirmy toddler into pyjamas or laying with an older child while they fall asleep can push you over the edge. Despite the deep love we have for our children....getting jabbed by boney elbows 1000 times a day, can leave the best of us feeling a bit rage filled. When bedtime rolls around we are done.

Thirdly, many of us tend to practice gentle parenting and avoid the cry it out method or sleep training. This can make bedtime even more frustrating because we know that we will be staying with our kids until they are ready to sleep. The is no going to bed early unless they do.

Finally , bedtime or nap time can bring on anxiety for many of us. We often dread the task because it is something we have very little control over, specially with younger children. Touching on all the points above...we want a break, feel touched out and know we will have to hold it together a bit longer until they fall asleep. There is always a chance your toddler will decide that they wan tot have a party until midnight and the thought of that happening can push you over the edge.

Speaking from honest experiences...I personally hate bedtime. I feel a huge anxiety surrounding the process and currently dread it daily. I do believe it is something that goes in stages. When my daughter was still nursing I didn't mind it as much because she would fall asleep without any issues . Now that she is no longer nursing, bedtime can be a bit more complicated . It's a process I want to have done as quickly as possible, so I can go to bed myself. I really struggle with finding patience by this time of day to manage her emotions and mine. Simply put ...I feel more rage at bedtime than any other time of day.

I wanted to share this experience because I am sure there are other mom who can relate to this feeling. Although I don't have a solution to make your kid's bedtime run like a well oiled machine, I will say just remember you aren't alone if you feel bedtime rage. We are all at our worst by the end of the day and ready for rest. Take a look out your child's window and remember that there are moms all over the world feeling the same way putting their kids to bed. You aren't alone!

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