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Being The Default Planner In The family

Why do moms end up being the default planner in the family?

Alot of it has to do with cultural norms, but I can’t help but wonder if there is some biology involved as well 🤔

We do tend to be more nurturing and the “nesting” instinct while pregnant can be quite intense . Either way , being the household planner is not an easy task .

Things like :

📋Remembering birthday cards

📋Packing the diaper bag

📋Coordinating family plans

📋Planning outings

📋Organizing the house

📋Booking appointments

Are just a few examples of things often on a moms To Do List 📝

The tough part about this role , is that there is NEVER a break . The house needs to keep running 🏡

The planning element of motherhood is quite often on of the most draining. Finding systems to “plan” more efficiently can be a big game changer 💡💜

Check out my Etsy shop for printable planners geared towards lighting mom’s mental load 📋💜

Are you the planner in your family?

Let's connect on instagram! @planted.momming

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