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Coping With World Events, As A Mom

The current state of the world is scary. As mom's we have already lived through two years of unique challenges. Just as the pandemic felt like it was nearing an end....a war breaks out!

It can be hard to cope with the current events unfolding in the world. I think as moms, we tend have have an extra dose of empathy whenever we know there are other mothers struggling.

I haven't slept properly since the start of Russia's attack on Ukraine. I can't even imagine what mothers in Ukraine are going through. My heart is breaking for them. My mind has been occupied with thoughts of helplessness, as there isn't much assistance to be offered from time zones away.

From the time I became pregnant with August, I started experiencing a weird feeling anytime another mom was in distress....even if it was in a movie or fictitious. A feeling of intense empathy and anxiety I have never felt before. The thought of any mother being separated from her child or in despair, leaves me feeling completely on edge.

I know I am not the only mom who can relate to this. After the intense process of growing a life within your body, birthing it and nurturing it...empathy is the only reaction we know how to give as moms. The idea of another mother struggling is almost too heavy to carry. There really is a very intense connection between all of those who have given life and/or care for it daily. It's a silent tie, that invisibly threads all of us together, whether we are aware of it or not.

Whenever tragic world events occur, it's only natural for our minds to feel an intense reaction. It's also completely normal to feel both empathetic and guilty all at the same time. Guilty for knowing that our family is safe and that we are concerned with mundane everyday matters. We are worried about how much screen time our children are getting....not where we will be sleeping tonight. It's a very strange feeling.

Here are a few tips for coping with intense world events like the ones we are curtly experiencing:

Limit the amount of time you are on social media/news sites- Staying up to date on current events is great, but being glued to the t.v or your phone, isn't going to help anyone .

Set critical thinking time aside- Carve out a bit of time each day to update yourself on current events and process them. Channel positive energy to those who might need it. Remember not to allow news to consume you. Despite whatever else is going on in the still have a family and household to care for. Your attention and energy is still needed at home.

Spend more time in nature- Spending some extra time in the fresh air can really help manage any excess anxiety you might be feeling. Aim to get outside for at least an hour daily if possible.

Explain your feelings to your children- Communicate with your children why you are feeling the way you do. Obviously be sure to make things age appropriate, but sharing your thoughts will not only educate them, but also reiterate that all feelings are valid.

Take some time to practice gratitude- Now is a good time to appreciate the positive things your life. Be grateful for your health and freedom.

Offer your time, talent or treasure- Adopting the NA podcast motto....offer any support you can towards a cause in a way that is practical and meaningful to you! Consider volunteering your time, offering a special skill set you might have or making a donation to an organization providing aid to people .

Learning to cope with big world events can be a challenge. It feels like a balancing act of juggling your empathetic thoughts, with the brain power that goes into running a household. It's hard and only natural for your thoughts to be with the other mama's of the world. In times like these learning to give yourself grace is incredibly important. You can only do what you can do. Just because your family still needs you....doesn't mean you don't care about what others are going through.

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