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Even After You Clean It....The Kitchen Is Never Clean

If you know! You just finish wiping the counter one last time, for a sparkling gleam and two seconds later someone in the house has the audacity to leave a dirty plate right in the middle. Ummmm so much nope!!!!!!

Why is it that as moms we care so much about the kitchen staying clean? Well, at one time we probably did have a kitchen that stayed clean and we somehow think it should still look that way. The reality is, we now have sticky hands who love helping mama in the kitchen. We might have big hands who don't prioritize having clear counters the way we do. A pile of paper on the counter might not be an issue for our partners, but be totally offensive to us.

First off, I just want to say .....if you feel kitchen aren't alone. When you are the primary kitchen cleaner, it's easy to get frustrated when it doesn't stay clean. It is truly one task in the home that is never done. Especially if you are making majority of your meals at home.

Now that you have a family there is no taking a day off from the kitchen. There might have been a time before having kids where you could simply opt to order takeout and not even touch a counter in your kitchen. Now, even when you order takeout, it somehow still looks like you cooked a four course meal.

The combo of never getting a break from kitchen duties and our family obliviously leaving messes in the kitchen is an absolutely valid reason, for being irritated that it never stays clean.

Secondly, I think many of us simply feel annoyed that nobody is recognizing the invisible labour that goes into keeping the space functional. Even if our families don't realize the value of having a clean kitchen....they appreciate it, without knowing they do.

Although I don't have any useful tricks for making your counters look Pinterest worthy, I just wanted to say, you aren't alone if you feel kitchen rage. For every dirty plate in the sink you rage place in the dishwasher....there are plenty of other Mama's doing the same. You aren't alone. There is nothing wrong with hating cleaning the kitchen. It isn't the 1950's anymore....loving to cook/clean is no longer a requirement for being a good mom. Give yourself some grace and learn to delegate tasks whenever possible.

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