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Good Nutrition Is A lot Of Work.

Gone are the days of offering our children Kraft Dinner and hot dogs for lunch and calling it a balanced meal. We know better, therefore we do better. The catch however, is how much time we spend in the kitchen!

This post is mainly for the moms who lean towards the more holistic side of motherhood. I think many of you will relate to feeling that managing the kitchen is a full time job. The planning, the cooking , the cleaning and well more cleaning. It never ends. Not to mention all the research we are doing surrounding proper nutrition for children.

It all takes a lot of time and we live in a society, that still normalizes processed foods for children. It can feeling exhausting and lonely when you devote so much time to providing whole foods to your children. It can be frustrating when someone tells you to open a box for dinner and call it a day.

Just because you are taking the time to provide proper nutrition, doesn't mean you have to enjoy every second of it. It's ok to hate the planning, prepping, cooking and the cleaning. The fact that you care enough to do it for your child is enough. It's hard work, especially if you are the only kitchen manager in the house.

It can feel like an uphill battle to keep going when processed foods are so easily available. Cooking with whole foods takes up extra time. It can be hard to sacrifice that time when you could be spending it with your kids. Especially when we live in a society that hasn't yet fully jumped on the health bandwagon and doesn't recognize spending time in the kitchen as valuable.

From one crunchy mom to another...I just wanted to say it is valuable.

The extra time you take to provide real food to your children is incredibly valuable. You could be literally saving their life from chronic illness. It might feel exhausting and pointless, when so many of other moms are throwing Happy Meals at their kids like it's 1998 .

I am here to tell you..keep going. The time isn't wasted. I recently started to shift my mindset in the kitchen to focus on the positives I am providing. The time I spend in the kitchen , is an investment in my family's health. The skill of practicing a whole foods diet, is one I can pass on to my daughter. The extra money spent on real food will help avoid medical bills later.

I try to remind myself of these mantras every time I feel discouraged with the amount of time I spend in the kitchen.

Hopefully many of you will find this helpful if you are feeling frustrated managing your kitchen. You aren't alone and you are doing a good thing!

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