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Holistic Parenting Is Hard!

Can we please stop referring to holistic/crunchy parenting as a trend? It isn't's hard work!

Holistic parenting isn't just a trend of dressing your kids in beige, using essential oils and sleeping on the floor. Its hours upon hours of reading medical journals, case studies, books , blogs and other information, to make informed choices for your child. It's taking the extra time to read every ingredient, nurse your baby to sleep, practice positive discipline and keep screens off. It's doing your absolute best, to put your child's wellbeing first at every turn. It isn't easy and it's exhausting.

Think about it....throwing a happy meal at your hungry toddler is a heck of a lot easier than making a home cooked meal, packed with nutrition for their growing body. Agreeing to every medical test or intervention is easier than speaking up and advocating for yourself, or your child. Plunking your bored children in front of the T.V on a rainy day, is much easier than creatively using recycled materials for an art project.

The choices holistic parents are making aren't to be trendy. Following a trend is easy. Daring to carve your own path, when so many before you have a pre-made road map isn't easy. It comes with criticism and confusion from those around you and offers little support. It's lonely at times and makes you question every turn you take.

The end destination however, has the most beautiful views. Our goal as holistic parents, is to use the knowledge we have and create a healthier future for our children. We can't unlearn the fact that red dye number 3 is a carcinogen, therefore we do better and avoid it. Our goal isn't to be perfect parents it's to simply use the knowledge we have effectively. The future we want for our children is one filled with health, love and balance .

Holistic parenting isn't a's knowing better and doing better.

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