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Home Stretch of Pregnancy Thoughts

Those last few weeks of pregnancy feel like the biggest joke around. You are fairly uncomfortable , yet you know that the race continues after baby arrives!

This was a phenomena I never considered with my first pregnancy, until after my daughter arrived. The amount of energy it takes to spend nine months growing a life, a few hours birthing it and another twelve months (or more) nourishing it, is so intense.

Our bodies do so much for us during early motherhood. It's easy to feel drained at times.

I never understood moms complaining about being tired when they stayed home all day, until I had the opportunity to do it myself. Those early years are exhausting, in the best way....but still exhausting. it boggles me that our society doesn't cater to moms who are in that life stage more. I think majority of moms could agree that some extra support would be nice. If not support, then at least no dirty looks, the second a toddler starts crying in a public setting.

The lack of support combined with the sheer energy it takes to keep tiny humans alive can really take it's toll.

Especially during the last weeks of pregnancy. It's a time your body should be resting and slowing down, yet there are so many tasks to accomplish beforehand. Sleep is challenging, yet something we likely won't gain much of after baby arrives. Our bodies are sore, but they will be even more sore during the postpartum phase.

Like I mentioned earlier....the ultimate "joke's on you" kind of joke. I never really considered this until after having my first daughter. I remember being so uncomfortable from the slight tear I had, while nursing her with cracked nipples and thinking "this is much worse than carrying a full size baby inside me".

I wanted to share this because we need to be preparing new moms better for the transition and also because I think so many can relate to this statement.

To all first time moms in the last weeks of pregnancy....try to enjoy it and be proud. You are a champion and have another race to run once this one is over. You should feel accomplished and valued for the work you are doing :)

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