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Honest Mom Thoughts About the Transition To Two Kids

Just when you think you have the mumming this somewhat figured out....its time for baby number 2 .

I have to admit, I am incredibly nervous for new addition to arrive in our family. After just over two years since becoming a mom, I feel like I am finally settling into it. Now I get to do it all again! I am so anxious to go through the whole process of brining a new life into the world , while keeping up with a toddler.

I am currently trying to savour the last weeks of pregnancy and my time as a mom of one, while also looking forward to meeting our new baby. Creating and bringing life into the world is such a transformative experience. I truly feel like it is a privilege, to get to participate in a process that is as old as time itself. I love birth and newborn care BUT I also know how demanding that stage is. My anxiety for how that will balance with toddler life is building.

I also feel a deep sense of guilt knowing I won't be able to focus all my time solely on August anymore. In the same moment, I also feel excitement for her to have a little sister so close in age.

The mix of emotions is something I have never felt before, but also one I am so grateful to experience. I know like every mom before me, the transition will happen and our family will grow. I am currently trying to focus and appreciate that process .

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