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How To Make The

The sweetest stage of life🤍

Newborn days are like no other. They are so sweet but pass far too fast .

The slow sleepy days filled with baby snuggles and rest . The intoxicating smell of their little head is like no other 🤍

The itty bitty baby days fly by . In a weird way you are just wishing them away, so you can get more than two hours of sleep . At the same time you want them to slow down .

It’s such a unique stage of life and one that you only understand once you become a mother 💜

I love the first few weeks postpartum . Getting to know the life that I grew for nine months is pretty cool . I will admit, I am having a harder time with the sleep deprivation this time around . Trying hard to find gratitude, but sometimes the frustration takes over.

The second newborn stage is both harder and easier at the same time . The biggest lesson I learned from the first time around is that it passed SO FAST 😭

Curious to know how you feel about the newborn stage . Love it ? Or find it challenging? Or somewhere in the middle 💜

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