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If It Takes A Village To Raise A Child....Where The F Is The Modern Day Village?!

How often do we hear this saying as moms😒🙄

Thanks carol, but we can’t exactly toss our kids outside from dawn till dusk anymore, with the assumption they will float between their friend’s houses and be home in time for dinner. Those days are gone .

The concept of having a village to support moms is quickly fading in our modern world . However, the need for such a village isn’t 😔

Motherhood hasn’t gotten any easier over the years …so why does it seem we have less support as modern mothers ?

Our families tend to interact less with those around us ….to no fault of our own . Our lives are busy. Two working parents trying to raise a family, means little time for spending time with neighbours . We don’t have time to invite the Johnson’s over for a bbq because the reality is …many of us are struggling to feed our own family .

Couple that with older grandparents who might not feel up to the task of babysitting and the support decreases even more . It’s now so common to start a family later and later, that many grandparents just don’t have the ability to offer much support towards their grandchildren when they finally arrive.

The village certainly isn’t found within our society structure….where children are often seen as an inconvenience 💔 So the question remains ….where the f do you find a modern day village ?

The answer isn’t simple and might require some outside the box thinking 💭 We need to let go of the idealistic village that we picture in our minds and get creative .

Maybe your village is the house cleaner who comes once a week to save you time . Maybe it’s letting your kids watch an hour of tv so you can cook a meal . Maybe it’s the online support group you are in . The list goes on .

Motherhood is more challenging than ever, with the current pandemic measures to navigate….we need to start showing up for each other . We are all living through the same times, so why not learn to lean on each other a little bit more 🤍

Finally, don’t feel guilty for rolling your eyes at boomer Carol, when she starts a “back in our day” story…she had a bigger village. Share this post with a mama who needs to hear this🤍

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