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Loving Every Stage Of Motherhood Isn't A Requirement

Consider this your permission slip to dislike certain stages of motherhood.

The world portrays motherhood as this beautiful harmonious state, where the mother is filled with joy regardless of their child's age. The reality is, as mothers we all have different personalties, strengths and temperaments. Some of us might enjoy the newborn phase, others when children are a little older and independent. Some moms live for the toddler years. Whatever stage your child is in....don't feel guilty if you don't love it.

I personally long for quiet baby days again. I am finding the toddler stage insanely challenging and tiring. My daughter is non stop and combined with winter weather and lockdown resections....the ability to keep her entrained is a relentless task. I find myself feeling touched out and short on patience pretty much everyday. I just don't love the stage we are in. It doesn't mean I don't value the time we spend together or watching her just means I am not in love with the other parts.

Learning to accept you don't need to be picture perfect head over heels for every stage of your child's life is an important realization. Certain stages are HARD. Especially when there are external favours out of your control....Ontario feel me?

The conversation around this topic is one we need to start having more of. Motherhood is hard enough , without adding unneeded guilt on because you aren't loving the sleep regression little Timmy is in.

It isn't a requirement for you to love it....but showing up and handling it with empathy and compassion to the best of your ability is. Release the guilt surrounding this topic and channel that emotional energy to navigating the stage you are in.

Share this with a mom who isn't loving the stage she is in.

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