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Mama's With Traveling Partners....

Those with partners who travel for work and single moms know the struggle….

You wear all the hats . If something breaks ….you better figure it out . Both kids are having meltdowns at the same time ? You have to triage who comes first . Dog puked on the carpet ? Yep you find a way to clean it up while nursing a cluster feeding baby . Smoke detector goes off at 3:00am for a low battery …you rage disconnect it the next morning, while also holding a screaming baby.

These may or may not have been based on a series of true events🙈

The point is, solo parenting is challenging. Especially with young children. Having inconsistent stretches of time, when you are juggling it all can be draining.

Single moms ….seriously, I have no idea how you do it 24/7 and I bow down to you 🤍

Solo parenting is an interesting dynamic to navigate. Especially in a world that tends to lack “motherhood villages”. If you feel a little tired and touched out …you aren’t alone 🤍

Would love to hear your experience. Do you have to solo parent ? What is the most challenging part ?

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