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Mental Exhaustion and Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is hard work🤱🏼💪

While we always hear talk of how physically hard it is , the mental aspect isn’t talked about nearly enough🤍💜

The mental load can be quite extensive with breastfeeding:

🌸Is baby getting enough ?

🌸Is my supply dropping?

🌸How long before the next feed ?

🌸I need to make appointments

🌸Should I introduced a bottle ?

🌸when will I get a break?

🌸I have anxiety around sleep

The list goes on . It’s important that breastfeeding moms start speaking out about this 🤍 Not only to prepare future moms , but also help society understand the work that goes into feeding a baby 💜💡

This way we can create better support systems and networks.

Do you find breastfeeding to be a bit mentally draining at times ?

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