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Mind Your Own Motherhood

Mind your own motherhood🤍👱🏼‍♀️

No other animal compares motherhood….so why do we?🦢🐿🦌🦒🦭🦜

Let’s take a look at some important details:

🤍We all have different life experiences prior to becoming mothers .

🤍We all have different temperaments, tolerances, likes and dislikes

🤍 We have different living situations

🤍 We all have different children with different temperaments

🤍We all prioritize different things in life and motherhood

🤍We all have different support systems .

Catching a theme here? We are all different! So why do we feel the need to compare ourselves to other moms ?

I am guilty of doing this myself sometimes until I remember that what is possible for one mom , might not be possible for me in MY version of motherhood 👱🏼‍♀️

Instead of comparing motherhood ….we need to start sharing our own versions 🤍✨

The animal Mama’s have it figured out….the swan mama will teach her baby to swim, while the Kola mama will teach her baby to climb . I like to remind myself of the animal kingdom whenever I start getting caught in the comparison trap 🪤

Do you find yourself comparing motherhood ?

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