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Mom Hustle

The fact I can sell a digital item to someone in Taiwan at 2:00am in the morning, while asleep is mind blowing. I never imagined that it would be possible to create any sort of revenue stream after becoming a mom.

We live in an age where the internet has made anything possible. The includes giving moms the opportunity to earn an income, while still being the primary caregivers to their children. This is something we should be incredibly grateful for. Our Grandmothers didn't have this opportunity.

Our grandfathers likely worked, while our grandmothers kept up the house and raised the kids. Chances were they didn't have any opportunity to earn money for themselves. Not that there is anything wrong with this.... the point I am making is that we should have immense gratitude for the ability to work SHOULD we CHOOSE to.

The downside of this opportunity, is the pressure it often puts on moms. It can be a slippery slop trying to manage the responsibilities of motherhood, while also sliding into the nap time hustle culture.

I truly believe that this is a path you should only travel down if you actually enjoy the work you are doing. Whatever the goal you are trying to accomplish from working on your phone better love it and be willing to put in the work. You also have to be willing to make sacrifices. Watching Netflix after the kids go to bed? Kiss that goodbye. You want to build your passion project? Let that be your new source of entrainment.

From my own experience since becoming a mom, my desire to work and build a side hustle is something I NEED to do. I need it to feel productive, balanced and quite frankly to breath. I love being a mom, but after years of hustling my butt off in my teens and early 20's .....I have learned that I start twitching without something to focus on.

I like working BUT....I refuse to accept the narrative that my children should go to daycare while I work from 9-5 for someone else. I am in the incredibly privileged position where my partner earns enough that can justify me staying at home to be with our girls. That being said , it doesn't mean I am content just being a mom alone.

Taking time to work on my Etsy shop is my form of self care. I love the process and have learned to love the failures that come along with it. I know myself well enough to know, that I need this side hustle to feel balanced as a mom.

However, that doesn't mean the concept of the "Mom Hustle" is something every mom should be striving for. I think the pressure of knowing there are other women building six figure incomes from their phones, is incredibly hard to handle when you are a mom. Just because they are doing it, doesn't mean it's right for YOUR situation. It's ok to make raising your kids and looking after the house your full-time job. It is a full-time job. You should never feel guilty for wanting that traditional life if it makes you happy.

I think where many moms get caught between a rock and a hard place with "Naptime Hustle Culture" is feeling like they HAVE to participate because society is telling them they should. Best piece of advice ? Do what makes you happy in the situation you are in.

We all have unique living situations, experiences and families. The women who are trying to make building a side hustle look easy while raising their kids are liars. It isn't easy. It's hard work and determination. It's getting up at 4am to work while everyone is asleep. It's feeling guilty for taking a few minutes to post a pin or a story while your kids are awake. It isn't easy period. Neither is choosing to opt out of the mom hustle culture.

The ability to work from our phones is something we are all still learning to navigate as moms. It should be a tool we can CHOOSE to use...not something we should feel obligated to do. We should also be transparent about both the benefits and challenges that go along with it. Let''s stop the beach pictures with the hashtag "my office" . That is like a very small percentage of women who that scenario actually applies to. A messy kitchen table with a cup of coffee reheated for the fourth time is more accurate.

Above everything else...let's support each other as moms and the decisions we make. We all have different strengths and abilities. Learning to navigate the opportunities technology has brought us, is a tall order. We all deserve a little grace and understanding.

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