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Mom Rage Mode Activated!

If you know. When you haven't slept properly in days, the kids are being demanding and you have picked up the same toy 500 times ....instant rage occurs when you step in ANOTHER puddle of water .

This sounds absolutely absurd....until you have had the experience of being a tiny human's primary caregiver. You spend most days feeling over stimulated and sometimes one tiny thing can push you over the edge. Having to change your socks for the 3rd time because you stepped in another a completely valid reason to feel rage.

First off, why the F is the floor always wet!!? Like my floor was never wet until becoming a suddenly it's a freaking swimming pool all the time.

Second, how is it that I manage to be the only one stepping in said swimming pool? Or am I the only one who cares about having wet socks? Am I living with a bunch of savages who are perfectly fine with wet feet?

All valid questions. I used to think I was crazy for feeling so enraged over something so trivial , but now I understand it isn't about the wet sock. It's about the lack of control I have over my personal space.

I am sure this is a sentiment many moms can relate to. It doesn't have to be stepping in water either. Insert irritating thing that happens on a bad day when you are feeling overstimulated and the same rage feeling applies.

It can be challenging to feel like you have zero control over your own space. Before stepping into motherhood we were able to logically go about our day without any puddle stepping nonsense. Having to give up so much control after becoming moms can be challenging . It brings in feelings of vulnerability that we might not be fully equipped to navigate. Just know you aren't alone .

Although, I have no real advice for avoiding these mini mom rage moments... I will say they are normal and you aren't going crazy! Also it's ok to feel however you are feeling in that moment. Don't feel guilty and simply acknowledge your feelings and move on. It also might be a sign that you are in need of some alone time the next chance you get.

Raising kids is hard work and it can be incredibly overstimulating. It is understandable that sometimes the smallest inconvenience can push our mood over the edge. Take a deep breath and laugh it off . You are doing a great job :)

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