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Personal Growth As A Mom

The idea that we are ever "ready" to become mothers is completely ludicrous. Nothing can prepare you for the ultimate journey that starts the minute you realize another life is growing inside you.

Sure, there are certain factors that might make the transition easier. Things like: support, financial stability , age , good health and overall life skills BUT don't be fooled thinking you will ever be 100% ready.

We are constantly learning, growing and evolving throughout our lives. We have different experiences and opportunities that shape our views and skillsets. We never stop evolving.

The notion that moms automatically know everything the second they conceive a child is one that needs to change. Just because you are growing/caring for another life...does not mean that you should stop growing and evolving.

In fact, it's quite the opposite. Motherhood should be a time of intense personal growth. As we have the opportunity to experience situations that test us both physically and mentally , we should be just as focused on our own personal growth...along with that of of children.

Self awareness and personal growth creates a mindset for emotionally stability. The very thing we strive to help young children achieve. What better way to do this, than by leading by example.

How do we facilitate personal growth as moms? Here are a few practices I observe in my daily life that have benefited my personal growth:

  • Eating a healthy diet- Proper fuel means a happy and high functioning body and mind. High quality fuel...means high performance.

  • Staying active- Daily movement is iso important for our overall health both physically and mentally

  • Making time to pursue my own interests and passions - This one is huge. The first year of motherhood I didn't spend much time doing anything for myself. It wasn't until I realized how much better I felt, after taking a few hours to myself , that I realized it was essential for being a good mom. I need to have time where I can focus on my own interests outside of motherhood. I am a better mom for it. I cannot stress this point enough. IT IS ESSENTIAL.

  • Reflecting on my emotions- Anytime I start feeling unbalanced, I take a few moments to ask myself why I am feeling that way. Are my basic needs being met? Do I feel fulfilled? Am I trying to navigate emotions from my own childhood? There are no wrong questions to ask.

  • Practicing Self Awareness- This one is easier said than done. It takes practice to read the subtle signs your body gives you when you need a break or something is just off. Taking a few moments to check in with yourself daily can be a great way to start practicing self awareness.

These practices do take some work to implement but are SO worth it. Setting yourself up to be in a growth mindset is incredibly valuable. Not only for yourself, but also your children.

Personal growth is something that needs to become more encouraged for moms. After all....we are shaping the next generation....shouldn't we be happy, fulfilled and balanced while doing so? Wouldn't that create a happier and more emotionally regulated germination of kids? The answer to both is yes.

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