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Plant Based Meals On A Budget

I wanted to create a simple guide, to share some helpful tips for following a balanced plant based diet on a budget . I am super excited to share a downloadable budget friendly plant based guide with you! Scroll to the end for the PDF link!

There can sometimes be a misconception that vegan/plant based diets are expensive to follow. This couldn't be further from the truth , when you choose whole plant foods. Beans and whole grains are some of the cheapest foods on the planet and widely accessible .

That being said, It can feel intimidating learning how to plan balanced meals that fit into your budget. Taking the time to learn what foods are optimal for health and how to incorporate them into a budget friendly meal plan, is essential to sustainability on this lifestyle.

Over my eight years of following a plant based diet, I have learned to create tasty, balanced and budget friendly meals. I created this mini guide to share some helpful budget friendly tips. I hope this helps you to create vibrant and budget friendly plant based meals!

Plant Based Budget Friendly Meals
Download PDF • 11.99MB

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