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Sleep Is Everything for Young Children ...and Moms

I never thought I would be one of those parents whose world revolved around their kids sleep schedules😴 Making plans around naptime and wanting to be home for a solid bedtime routine sounds extrem ….but proper sleep with young kids is EVERYTHING. Not only does it benefit the kids, it also benefits the parents as well . It helps allot for somewhat scheduled downtime for parents and allows the kids to be well rested . After having a second baby, I now realize the value of strict sleep schedules . Knowing I will get a break from 11-1 most days has a huge positive impact on my mental health . I always thought I would be “the fun parent” , the one who lets the kids sleep where they drop . The truth is I did that in the beginning with August and it made me crazy 🥴 If you can survive without sticking to a strict schedule….I applaud your fluidness 😊 I can’t handle it . I am just here to say , that if you want to skip events because they don’t match up with sleep schedules…..don’t be afraid to say no🤍 If anyone gets offended ….tell them they can put your overtired toddler to bed and get up with them at 6am because they still wake up at the same time 🤗 🙈 Chances are they will drop the subject 😏 This season is short and soon you will be able to do xyz again . Meanwhile, enjoy the peaceful bliss while they are sleeping and don’t feel guilty about it🤍

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