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Some Honest Park Small Talk Thoughts

It’s a beautiful day and you are looking forward to letting your toddler loose at the park , so you can have ten minutes without having to engage with another human . UNTIL another kid shows up 😒 Does anyone else drop a silent f bomb in their head ? Or out loud…no judgements here 😅 Sometimes you just don’t want to chat up the other parent . You don’t want to ask the standard “oh what’s his/her name?” “How old?” Questions . You want a break from your own kid and now you are obligated to fake interest in someone else’s kid 🤦🏼‍♀️ Most times the company is great , BUT sometimes you just want to sit on the bench staring off into space without having to actively parent . Every now and again the stars align and there happens to be another mom, who also wants two seconds of peace . Your eyes meet and a mutual understanding of the need for silent bliss is formed👌🏼✨ A truly unicorn moment in motherhood 🦄 Who else isn’t always up for small talk at the park ?

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