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The Beach Is Different As A Mom

It’s beach season 🩴☀️🌊🏝

If your a mom this means 50lbs of bags, snacks , water bottles, extra clothes and towels😬

I loved going to the beach before having kids and just laying in sun for a few hours , swimming and recharging my batteries 🔋

Now it is more work than a recharge😂 Packing all the things , being mindful of sun exposure, watching the toddler like a hawk in the water, and SAND ….all the sand EVERYWHERE⛱

Don’t get me wrong ….it’s still amazing ….just in different ways🤍

Watching the joy on my daughter’s face, as she splashes in the water is priceless.

All the extra work is worth it🤍

Cheers to all the moms packing all the things for the beach🏝 You are heroes!

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