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The Isolation Modern Mother's Are Feeling

Ever notice how your mood drastically improves when you spend time with other moms? All of the sudden you have someone you can look over at, when your toddler is having a meltdown and silently exchange the glance of : "this is insane right" ?

The version of motherhood many of us have lived over the past two years , filled with isolation and lockdowns, isn't how it should look. Our modern society already lives very disconnected lives from one another as it is. We might be more connected online than ever , but there is something special about having playdates where you can talk about the constancy or your baby's poop with another mom.

I find it very interesting that our culture doesn't prioritize bringing moms together during the years they are raising young children. I think the sense of community that many of our mother's and grand mother's once had is disappearing.

Our children either go to daycare while we work OR we stay home isolated with them. Neither scenario seems to be ideal.

I often imagine what a world would look like, where a group of a few moms spent most days together with their children. Sharing the load of cleaning, entertaining and educating that group of children.

Wouldn't the days seem more enjoyable with other adults around to relate to? Wouldn't it be wonderful to watch our children interact with other adults?

It seems strange to me that this idea hasn't caught on yet.

The past two years have made it very apparent that isolation and Motherhood don't mix. What begs the real question is....was the situation ideal before the pandemic either? Probably not.

All the pandemic restrictions have really highlighted the isolation many moms were already feeling.

I feel like it has shown us that our current narrative of motherhood could use some change. A little "out of the box" thinking could really go a long way. I have seen many more "learning pods" popping up recently, where parents of children roughly the same age gather for socialization and education.

This concept is brilliant and one that might benefit many moms. I think it's a concept worth exploring for many of us. I haven't seen one setup for younger aged children (0-4) but I think it has amazing potential to work!

Imagine a group of moms with 0-6 month olds, meeting daily for a few hours to help each other out and socialize their babies, without paying for a baby and me class! Seems genius to me.

I think the one positive aspect to the pandemic, is the level of creativity parents are starting to tap into. I think it's woken many up to the reality that what we are currently doing isn't ideal. It's helped many to create their own childcare or education systems. This seems like a massive step in the right direction in my opinion.

We are social beings and need to have human interaction to feel balanced. Our kids need it too. If you have been struggling over the past two aren't alone. just keep doing your best. Positive change is on the horizon. Imagine how amazing it would be if we were the ones to improve the system that wasn't working prior to the pandemic!? Pretty empowering!

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