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The Monotony Of Motherhood

Why didn't anyone casually mention, that building the same tower of blocks 500 times a day can get old real quick!?

I was prepared for the sacrifices motherhood entitled , but something I wasn't prepared for was the insanely repetitive nature. Doing the same tasks daily can really take it's toll on you mentally. It's interesting that nobody talks about this...when in reality every mother is thinking it!

The focus pre motherhood is on ourselves. It's drilled in our heads at a young age that education , personal development and goals are important. So someone please tell me why we aren't taught any skills to handle the monotony of motherhood? Who overlooked this detail when creating our school curriculums? Why are we taught so much about the periodic table of elements...yet nothing about motherhood?

These questions are perfect answers, as to why transitioning to motherhood is challenging. Going from a goal oriented mindset, to one where repetition is king...can be maddening. Never feeling like you accomplish anything notable from day to day is understandably frustrating.

This is an aspect of motherhood I personally struggle with. My AHDH like personality has me constantly finding tasks I want to complete through the day, but simply can't with a toddler attached to my side . Just because I am now a mom...doesn't mean I can turn off the goal oriented portion of my brain. The one that every education system drilled in my head . I am working hard to remind myself that this short stage in life will pass and I should be doing my best to be present for my daughter.

I think it's safe to say this is probably relatable for many moms.

When you are the one completing the repetitive tasks around the house and with the kids daily...It can feel a bit stifling. The reality is, despite society placing no value on those repetitive tasks....they matter! The time you invest into your children matters and all the tedious tasks that go along with them.

If you are picking up the kids toys for the 100th time aren't alone. There is an army of mothers completing the same tasks also wanting to roll their eyes when their toddler asks for ANOTHER snack. The tolerance you have for the repetitiveness in motherhood will pay off . Your hard work that often goes unnoticed is valuable.

It's time to start having conversations around this topic. It's also time to start finding solutions to lift the mental load that so many moms feel. It's time to start sharing our experiences to educate and empower new mothers to seek support.

Finally, it's time to normalize having feelings surrounding motherhood. It's ok to feel annoyed with the kitchen that never stays clean, or the ten loads of laundry waiting after you finish the first . Take a deep breath and find some strategies to help you slow your mind down and be more present. Most importantly....hating housework or playing race care with your toddler doesn't make you a bad mom!

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