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The Truth About "Mom Brain"

Wash the same load of clothes 3 times because you forgot to switch it over to the dryer? Blame Mom Brain. Accomplish tasks in an order that only makes sense to you? Mom brain. Can't focus on anything unless it's tiny human related? Also mom brain.

This somewhat comical concept we like to make light of, should be considered a strength...not a weakness.

It feels like after becoming a mom society expects us to function like we don't have kids, but parent like we have no other function. Does anyone else feel like this? The truth is our brains do change after growing, birthing and caring for another could they not? Rather than fight this change and make excuses for our lack of logic to the rest of the world...we should be embracing our new brain configuration.

Since becoming a mom, I have never been more productive or creative! I accomplish so much more in a day. I am also forgetful of many low priority tasks and sometimes important ones as well. I like to think it all even outs in the end.

The fact is, our thought process just changes after having kids. Especially in the early years of motherhood. There are so many tasks to accomplish daily and so many needs to be met. Expecting that our brains function exactly how they did prior to birth is an unrealistic expectation.

We are in a nurturing state of mind and the focus shifts from ourselves to our children. On a whole, most of us tend to be more empathetic and emotionally intelligent during this stage in our lives. These are incredible traits we need to be celebrating and harnessing.

There are so many moms out there who start to crush life after having kids. It unlocks their true superpowers. It's like their brain just functions better after becoming a mom. I know quite a few women who fall into this category and I am in awe of them.

It's how society tends to only focus on the forgetfulness aspect of "mom brain" and not the positive qualities developed after having children. Again, the idea that we should function as if we don't have children, but parent as if we have no other function , comes into play. Society seems quick to forget how physically and mentally demanding it is to raise children. Of course there will be times that we are forgetful or just think differently. Spending years with inconsistent sleeping patterns would change anyones brain.

This area of motherhood is a classic example of how little value its put on the labour of raising the next generation. Why is the physical and emotional labour that goes along with raising children not valued more?

Why are we not celebrating our nurturing state of mind as moms? These are all important questions we need to start asking.

Finally, we need to tap into the positive aspects of "Mom Brain" and stop seeing it as a negative quality.

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