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There are No SOP's For Motherhood

There are no Standard Operating Procedures in motherhood📋

I used to think there were “rules” for motherhood . You know….don’t have a baby until your married, get your kids to bed by 7pm , don’t let them climb up slides at the park …..

Boy was I wrong 😂 I wish I could smack my former self and educate her that “one size” doesn’t “fit all” when it comes to motherhood 🤍

I realize now how vastly different everyone’s life situation is . Also how different each mother and baby are . What works for one might not work for the next .

I think there are “best practices” or concepts that are good in theory but don’t always work in every situation.

The other thing to consider is how we each have unique experiences and priorities . What might matter to one mom , won’t even be on the radar for the next🤍

There are no rules ….we are all just “making it work” 💜

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