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Tips for Staying (Somewhat) Ahead Of The Laundry Pile

Why is it so hard to sort, wash and put away laundry? (notice I didn’t say fold ….nobody has time for that)

Any kind of multi step chore as a mom can be a struggle . It’s so easy to become distracted and forget you started a task in the first place .

Here are a few things that have helped me manage the #laundrystruggles in our house

🧺Load everyday -Sounds crazy but having a smaller load to put away is less overwhelming. Plus close don’t get ruined from stains sitting in them

🧺Don’t waste time sorting - The only load I do separate is towels because they are so bulky . Everything else ….it’s going in together.

🧺Simply clothing storage -I switched to having most of the girl’s clothing in bins and it’s way easier to put away ….toss it in and move on. Folding is a luxury that should be saved for nice clothing

🧺Use a laundry tracker/planner- I created a simple list to remind myself when to do laundry and keep track of what clothes might need replacing . This helps offload the mental load of keeping the task in the back of my mind . A printable version is available in my Etsy shop🙂 Download HERE

It’s amazing the difference these small changes have made when I implemented them . I feel less overwhelmed with putting laundry away and am able to stay ahead of the never ending pile .

Do you struggle with laundry? What is your most hated household chore ? 🧺🧽🪣🧹

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