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Tips for The Default Parent

If you find yourself the default parent in your household ….try this:

💡Audit your time

Breakdown your day and figure out what tasks are irritating/frustrating for you as the default parent .


Try to become aware of why you feel the way you do . Why do certain tasks irritate you ? Why do you feel the need to announce when you are leaving the room ?


Express to those around you how you are feeling about your role as the default parent. Chances are , they will not see things from the same perspective as you do.


Start to offload tasks to your partner. Just remember if you offload a task , your partner must take complete ownership of that task . This can be a tough habit to practice, but will help relieve so much of the mental load you are carrying .

Being the default parent is hard . Most of the time this role falls on the mom as she is the one spending more time around the kids. Even if she isn’t , the societal norm tends to place the default parent role on the mother.

It isn’t an easy role to fill and can feel quite draining. I have found it much easier after implementing these strategies💜

Feel free to offload in the comments ! What task irritates you the most that comes with being the default parent ?

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