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Tips To Manage A Crying Baby In The Car

You are four minutes from home and baby was over the car ride ten minutes ago

One of the most unsettling things as a mom is hearing your baby cry . Especially when there is nothing you can really do in that moment.

Driving can be insanely stressful when you have a baby who is reaching nuclear meltdown level

Sometimes despite our best efforts of trying to plan outings around feedings, changes and wake windows, baby just decides that they are over the car .

Here are a few tips to handle the meltdown when it happens :

  • If you are not the one driving …sit in the backseat. This way you can at least try to settle baby

  • Open the window . Leave all the other windows closed and open the window closest to baby. It makes a super weird sound but it for some reason can help settle baby or distract them .

  • DO NOT reach around and try to calm baby if you are driving ….it won’t help and chances are it could end in a fender bender

  • Pull over and feed baby if you have to . If you are driving in town find a parking lot and attend to whatever baby needs . It might take a few minutes but a happy baby is more important than being on time .

  • Try to plan car trips after baby has been fed and changed . Chances are they might fall asleep. Disregard if you have a toddler ….a 10 minute car nap can totally mess up bedtime

This meltdown won’t permanently scar your baby for life . As much as hearing them cry sucks …they will be alright . They aren’t in danger and their needs will be met the moment the car stops

Drop your worst baby car meltdown story in the comments below We all have one

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