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Top Tip To Survive Modern Motherhood

Outsourcing domestic tasks is essential to surviving modern motherhood 🤍

Our lives have never been busier, yet much of the domestic labour still falls onto women Childcare , cooking, cleaning , laundry , errands, grocery shopping …..the list continues📋

With the current cost of living the majority of women find themselves earning some type of income , while also trying to meet the domestic labour needs within the home .

Even for those not working outside the home….modern motherhood is fffing hard and we lack the support villages that existed years ago .

The constant overwhelm and guilt of not being able to “do it all” can take its toll.

One of the most valuable decisions, is to outsource some of the domestic labor within the home .

This will look different in every household 🏡 It might be hiring a babysitter , cleaner , dog walker, meal kit service , grocery delivery….whatever fills the gaps that need filling.

Having the mindset, that outsourcing tasks is an acceptable solution to the overwhelm many are feeling , is a shift that needs to be made 💡

It not only benefits the mom doing the outsourcing….but also the person who is taking on those tasks. Many of the individuals tend to be moms too!

I recently started having our groceries delivered and a friend takeover cleaning tasks🍎🧹I already feel like I gained an extra day a week to work on things that are of value to me . Things that make me feel fulfilled and balanced. The mindset shift is huge .

We need to normalize outsourcing domestic labour.

Curious to know if any of you outsource domestic tasks ?

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