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We Need To Get Practical About Education

We are teaching children with mindset, that every job they are working towards, will require a costly formal education. We prioritize academic systematic tasks, yet teach them very little about real life. Many of the ideals taught in school are no longer relevant to our current society. We create a false narrative that their life will be golden, so long as they pursue post secondary education.

Who is going to break it to our education system that today's kids need different tool boxes than the ones 50 years ago did? We are setting them up to feel like failures, when they aren't able to land a high paying job, meet the perfect partner and buy a house before turning 30.

Who wants to tell Mrs.Smith that none of her students are likely to calculate the distance from the bottom of a building to the top, using trigonometry... without a calculator? Maybe learning how to set a monthly budget to help combat the inflated housing/rental market would be slightly more helpful.

Why are we still teaching students like smartphones don't exist?

If I ever need to throw down some trig...I will absolutely be checking in with the "Great Book Of Knowledge" AKA Google before I get started.

We have different tools available to us than past generations did, so why are we not formally teaching our children how to use new technologies to their advantage?

The education system needs to evolve to better serve modern students. It also needs to start pushing practical skills. Wouldn't knowing how to change a light bulb or how to understand the gibberish in a rental contract be useful?

Wouldn't having a few classes that deeply get into managing your social media accounts and leveraging them for productive uses be valuable?

Why aren't we teaching teens how to spend $10 bucks at a thrift store and turn it into $50? The fancy post secondary educating we are pushing on them, is likely to drive them thousands of dollars in debt. Why aren't we teaching them practical strategies to help eliminate it? (This skill has saved my bank account on several occasions and I picked up the idea from Gary Vee's trash talk episodes on YouTube) .

Why are we not teaching sustainable gardening to our younger children to help get them interested in where their food comes from?

These are all important questions we need to start asking as parents. It doesn't mater if your child is in pre school or high school....we need to be questioning the current education system.

There is nobody as invested in our children's future as we are. It's up to us as parents, to get them prepared for that real life is ....not the idealistic narrative our education system is pushing.

The trend to succeed in life is no longer's a cluster F of dots on a graph, with scales that don't fit the data. Success will look different for each of them.

We need to start preaching happiness, minimalism, practicality, kindness and adaptability to our children.....not old ideals and fantasies of what life "should" look like.

It's time to admit our education system is outdated and do something about it!

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