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Winter Mom Life...The Struggles

The Puddles, the cold , the layers, the isolation , the lack of vitamin D , the layers.....did I mention the freaking layers!?

#MomLife in the Winter SUCKS! It can be hard keeping littles entertained when the it's just too cold and windy to get outside. Parks become a huge slipping hazard. Every trip out the door takes an extra 30 minutes to put all the layers, your toddler will rip off in two seconds after leaving the house. Not to mention the physical response our body often has to the darker season. the lack of vitamin D can leave us feeling less than ideal to begin with.

I just wanted to say if you feel this way too...your aren't alone. For all the Mama's living in cold climates...hang in there. It eventually ends.

Here are a few tips for coping with long winters as a mom

  • Don't compare how winters after having kids are with the ones prior to having kids

  • Get out whenever you can even if it's only for half an hour...despite the cold sucking, you will feel better just leaving the house

  • De clutter before the winter starts. This way your home will be organized and more inviting for those long days stuck in.

  • Start having regular playdates, you and your kids will be happier with friends around

  • Don't stress about the screen your best and ignore the rest. When you have days in a row of windy -20 weather....a little screen time isn't going to be the end of the world

  • Involve the kids with day to day chores. This will not only keep the house tidy, but also the kids busy.

  • Eat as much fresh fruit/veggies as possible. The extra nutrition will help boost your mood and keep you feeling healthy.

  •'s ok to hate the cold most of us do.

I just wanted to say ...I see you Mama. Winter is a hard season to get through with little ones, but you are doing a great job.

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