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You Aren't Failing At Motherhood...Society Is Failing YOU

Do you feel like you are failing as a mom? Chances are you are probably crushing it 💪💜

Modern society has a funny way of setting moms up to feel like they are failing:

🌸Society told women that they should obtain an education and well paying job to contribute financially to our family……BUT failed to inform them that they would still carry the bulk of domestic labour inside the home ➡️ Women think their net worth = their value

🌸Society pushed mothers to birth in the way most convenient for medical professionals…..BUT not in a biologically ideal way for the mom ➡️ Leading to unnecessary interventions and deep rooted birth trauma for many women .

🌸They then failed to properly support breastfeeding ➡️ Making many new mothers feel incapable of providing for their baby….when in reality they were never given the support they needed for breastfeeding in the first place.

🌸Next they sent mothers back to work too soon…separating them from their babies➡️ Leaving many moms still healing from birth and adjusting physically and emotionally to the changes that come with transitioning to motherhood

🌸Then they apply pressure that creates immense mom guilt around every parenting choice a mother makes➡️ Setting moms up to doubt their natural instincts

🌸They have created a system where the expectations of moms are totally unrealistic➡️ Creating a generation of overwhelmed moms.

While some societies recognize the value of motherhood ….the western world drastically undervalues it . It has set women up to feel like they are failing ….when in reality, they are probably doing more than any generation of mothers have ever done 💜

You aren’t failing 🤍 Tune out the pressures of our modern society and tap into your deep rooted biological instincts 💜🌿

You aren’t failing at motherhood…..society is failing YOU as a mom💔

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